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Supplies for Quilting & Applique
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Clover Seam Ripper

This high quality seam ripper is useful for cutting thread and ripping out seams. The small ball on the point will prevent materials from being damaged when the seam ripper is used.

Graphite Marking Pencil

Easy to erase and wash out of fabric, this marking pencil is ideal for marking placement of appliques, quilting designs and seam lines. Use this lightweight marking pencil to reduce hand fatigue. The ridges provide a comfortable finger grip. The transparent barrel allows you to see the length of your lead.


100% nylon gloves specially designed for machine quilters! Great for piecing and quilting.
  • Soft, flexible fingertip grip (with polyurethane coating) gives full control with less resistance and drag on fabric
  • Form-fitting, seamless design—keep your gloves on to clip and change threads, adjust fabrics and or remove pins
  • Breathable fabric helps retain skin's natural moisture
  • Enhanced hand and wrist support for reduced fatigue and tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck

Quilter's Preview Paper 20 x 25 Roll

If you like to do your own quilting or love to applique, you will just love this stuff! It is more than just clear plastic on a roll, it's a design tool to help you find the perfect design for your quilts. You can use it to preview quilting designs and to check applique placement. You can mark designs using a fine point permanent marker or a fine-point dry-erase marker if you want to reuse the paper. The material is portable and easy-to-use. It can easily be stored to save previously drawn quilting designs. This paper is so clear, there is a narrow printed line along the outside edges so users can see the edges of the paper. 20" x 25' roll.

Pin Point Tweezers

Great for grabbing that last little bit of fabric for perfect control while sewing or pulling out seam ripped threads.

Point Trimmer Tool

This indispensable, inexpensive tool helps you trim seam allowances at points. Cut quickly through four layers for any patch size or shape with a 45 degree angle.

Quick Bias Mini Iron

The compact Mini Iron is perfect for pressing Quick Bias in stained glass quilting, appliquéing, pressing seams and many other quilting and sewing projects. It's also ideal for detail work. Heats up to operational temperature in less than 10 minutes. Features an easy glide sole plate and an on/off switch built into the 8 ft. cord. 120 volts. 20 Watts. Body weighs 2.5 oz. Stand included.

Quick Quarter II

Half square and quarter square triangle blocks are quick and easy with the Quick Quarter tools. Use the Quick Quarter II for marking multi-stitched triangle-squares. Simply place fabric squares right side together, mark center cut line and 1/4" seam allowances, sew and cut. Each package includes instructions.

The Angler 2

Make flying geese, "snowball" or diagonal ends and corners, triangle-squares, and mitered corners in half the time. Includes an accurate 1/4" seam guide.

Easy Dresden Tool

Darlene Zimmerman has teamed up with Wrights® to bring you the Easy Dresden Tool. Unlike traditional Dresden tools that create rounded spokes, Darlene offers a tool that creates pointed Dresden, reminiscent of a gentleman's tie. Cut accurate wedges every time in multiple sizes and a variety of designs. Includes general instructions to make Dresden Spokes and a free pattern for a Dresden Spokes wallhanging (finished size of wallhanging is approx. 34-1/2" square). Easy to use for beginners and experienced quilters.

Easy Hexagon Ruler
Makes fast work of hexagons and trapezoids from 1" to 3". Size: 12" x 5-3/4".

Omnigrid InvisiGrip

Put an end to slippery rulers, templates and cutting mats. Simply unroll clear, non-slip Invisi-Grip, and apply to underside of rulers, templates and mats. You'll never slip again! Package includes one roll of 12-1/2"x 1 yard.

Omnigrid Ruler 15" x 15"

The original black and yellow quilting and craft rulers! Super-imposed lines make it easy to see on either light or dark fabrics. Laser-cut for accuracy! 15" x 15"

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