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Machine & Hand Applique
Steam-A-Seam 2

Position your entire applique before fusing! Pieces don't move or shift, but can be repositioned. And you can sew through Steam-A-Seam 2 without gumming.

Applique Pressing Sheet

The Applique Pressing Sheet™ will allow you to fuse your design together as one unit using your pattern underneath it as a guide. It's coated with Polyon™, a non-stick surface. 13" x 17". 5 year guarantee. FREE pattern included.

Scissors Leash

Never lose your scissors with this handy leash hung around your neck. Scissors (not included) can easily be released from leash with clamp for a quick snip or cutting appliques. Leash reads: TO QUILT IS HUMAN; TO FINISH, DIVINE.

Quilter's Preview Paper 20 x 25 Roll

If you like to do your own quilting or love to applique, you will just love this stuff! It is more than just clear plastic on a roll, it's a design tool to help you find the perfect design for your quilts. You can use it to preview quilting designs and to check applique placement. You can mark designs using a fine point permanent marker or a fine-point dry-erase marker if you want to reuse the paper. The material is portable and easy-to-use. It can easily be stored to save previously drawn quilting designs. This paper is so clear, there is a narrow printed line along the outside edges so users can see the edges of the paper. 20" x 25' roll.

Brass Stiletto

This elegant piece of jewelry is actually a useful tool. A bright piece of ribbon will keep it around your neck, ready to use for turning points on an appliqued piece or for feeding patchwork through your machine. Polished and lacquered.

Applique Scissors

These multi-angled embroidery scissors are great for trimming close to edges or stitching. Use with hoops and machine embroidery. Blade lifts the fabric to be trimmed away and the angled handle allows you to reach in and snip thread in tight places. Ice-tempered stainless steel. 6" long.

Applique Pins, Glass Head

A length of just over 1/2" makes it easier to iron on small applique work because the pin will not stick out. The white iron-proof glass head keeps the thread from catching and pulling the pins out of the fabric, and makes them more visible.

Freezer Paper Sheets

This freezer paper has a special coating to improve the adhesiveness to fabrics using very low heat from any household iron. On average each piece can be used up to four times, but may vary with the type of fabrics used. Heavier fabrics may require more adhesive. This is 54 lb. paper is extra heavy, preventing rolling or curling when used in printers. Perfect for making your own custom printer fabric sheets, doing applique and freezer paper foundation piecing. Each package includes 40 oversized sheets great for small and large projects. Each sheet measures 12" x 15".

Bias Pressing Bars

The perfect tool for making small bias tubes used in Celtic and applique quilts. Aluminum bars are 11-5/8" long. 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" wide.Set of 7.

No-Melt Mylar Template Plastic

Creates sharp, flat edge for perfect hand appliques without melting the template. Mylar also makes a wonderful work surface for hot glue guns. Package contains six sheets. Each sheet measures 8-1/2" x 11".

Search for just the right fabric.

YLI Silk Thread Gift Pack

This set of five spools contains one each of White, Light Natural (#239)*, Dark Natural (#224)*, Dark Taupe (#235)*, and Light Taupe (#242)*. Thread is 100% pure filament silk, the strongest natural fiber. Nearly invisible applique stitches are easy to obtain with this fine thread, and this 100wt is the thinnest thread available. Each spool contains approx. 218 yards, 2 ply.

YLI Wash-A-Way Thread

Wash-A-Way® water soluble thread helps you avoid the frustration of removing basting stitches. It is a time saver for all kinds of basting, including quilting, applique, basting zippers, hems, gathers and pleats. Wash-A-Way dissolves in water; hands should be dry when using to keep thread from becoming sticky. Store in a dry place. 100 yards.

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