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July, 2008

Sister's Choice by Emilie Richards

About a year ago, a publisher called me out of the blue from Toronto. She was looking for a Sister's Choice Quilt and noticed that I had a pattern of that name for sale. Was there a chance that I had a Sister's Choice Quilt?

Sister's Choice quilt pattern

Yes, I had made that quilt - but I gave it to my sister Kathy! The publisher replied, "Now I have goosebumps!" The reason was, she was looking for the quilt to photograph for the cover of Emilie Richards latest book, entitled, of course,"Sister's Choice." And the book was about the love between two sisters! The publisher went on to contact my sister about borrowing the quilt. We both concluded it would be a fun thing to do so she sent them the quilt and we just waited.

Fast forward to the end of June this year. My niece Kelly and I were attending Vermont Quilt Festival when I was telling her about this whole experience while we browsed books at a vendor's booth. Kelly points to a book and asks,"Is this your quilt?" It was! On the cover of Emilie Richard's "Sister's Choice" book! Unbeknownst to me, the book had just been released! Kathy called me two days later when she had received copies of the book along with her quilt.

The really special part for both Kathy and me was the acknowledgement given us in the book. It reads, "Two sisters answered the call for a Sister's Choice quilt for this cover, one the quilt maker, one the recipient. Thanks to Kathy Rankin and Jeanne Prue for sharing their quilt. How appropriate that Jeanne's quilt, made to celebrate Kathy's brand-new master's degree, would inspire the cover art on a novel about the love between sisters." I'm now in the midst of reading this heartwarming story and quite enjoying it. For obvious reasons, this book will always be very special to Kathy and me. Thank you, Emilie!

Special thanks to my Dad, Bill Mackay, for the photographs.

The Sister's Choice pattern is available here.
Kathy with her Sister's Choice quilt
Kathy with her Sister's Choice Quilt
Quilt by Jeanne Prue
Label, Sister's Choice quilt
Label, Sister's Choice quilt

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