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Jeanne Rae Crafts
74 Cedar St.
Newport, VT 05855
Fax (802)334-7298
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Furniture & Home Decor by Wildflower Wood

Our furniture and functional wood items are designed and built by Bill using hand-selected native Vermont lumber. These original pieces have a durable polyurethane or acrylic latex paint finish, all lead-free. Jeanne further embellishes many pieces with original artwork. The result is a fusion of wood craftsmanship and art.

All of our products are available for pickup here in Vermont or at any of our fine craft fairs. Select items are available for online ordering (see below). View our Catalog here.

For all the latest:

Wildflower Wood 2017
Check back often for new items!
Blanket Chest from Wildflower Wood

Butternut Blanket Chest
Hand painted designs
Mid-size Sofa Table from Wildflower Wood

Butternut Mid-size Sofa Table
Ash Cabinets from Wildflower Wood

Ash Cabinets
Hand painted designs
Half-Round Table from Wildflower Wood

Butternut Half-Round Table
Hand painted design
Birdhouses from Wildflower Wood

Shadow Boxes from Wildflower Wood

Shadow Boxes
Key Racks from Wildflower Wood

Key Racks

Tea Boxes from Wildflower Wood

Tea Boxes
Boxes from Wildflower Wood

Trays from Wildflower Wood


Bread Boxes from Wildflower Wood

Bread Boxes
Cheese Boards from Wildflower Wood

Cheese Boards
Clocks from Wildflower Wood


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All designs ©2017 William M. & Jeanne R. Prue

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